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Naam: Arinka
Leeftijd: 38
Mijn wens

Mijn wens is dat iedereen mijn boek Maatschappijn wil lezen.
Naam: James
Datum: 18 februari, 13u25
Reactie: Are YOU The Next Top
Spiritual Author?

It's time to find out....

You might win a book deal from one of the most respected spiritual publishers in the world!

For the past three months I've been co-creating an extraordinary program with my friend Robert Evans called The Next Top Spiritual Author.

This is one of the most significant opportunities available to an author to share their message with the world. To get right to the point, here's an overview:

* The Next Top Spiritual Author is a competition to find the next amazing spiritual message to publish and share with the world
* Anyone who has a message they believe will make a great spiritual book can join this competition
* If you have already written a book, then this is ideal for you. If you haven't written a book yet but have a message, then it's still the perfect vehicle for you
* The winner of the competition will receive a book contract from a leading spiritual publisher - Hampton Roads Publishing.
* The winner will also receive a promotional package worth $50,000 to use to sell their book once it is published
* The three runner ups will have their book presented to other publishers by James Twyman, who will serve as the agent of these three books
* EVERY author who joins the competition will gain incredible insight and knowledge in the publishing, writing and marketing world - making this a win/win for everyone involved, no matter how far you advance
* Each participant will get guidance and suggestions from experts in the industry, through each round of the competition, from best selling authors, publishers, agents and marketers.

The Next Top Spiritual Author competition is now ready to receive author sign ups. The first 100 authors that register for the competition will receive access to a live conference call with the creators, Robert and myself to discuss the competition and how to get the most out of it.

If you are interested in becoming the Next Top Spiritual Author, click the link below to learn more..

www.NextTopAuthor.com <http://app.streamsend.com/c/8716681/8981/FFrEKoC/LNdx?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.NextTopAuthor.com>
Naam: Annick2000
Datum: 14 december, 14u28
Reactie: Ik zag dat je eerste boek te koop is via boekscout.nl

Ondertussen heb je nog boeken geschreven, dus neem ik aan dat je wens een stukje in vervulling is gegaan. (en nog steeds aan het vervullen is) Veel succes!


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