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Naam: AureusArgentum
Plaats: USA
Leeftijd: 18
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I fell out of sorts with a friend of mine a couple months back. It's really been bugging me. I wish that she and I will come together again and be friends as we used to. I wish our peace was restored.
Naam: Gerda Maria
Datum: 26 mei, 15u24
Reactie: Dear Aureus,

Continue Your Believe that Everything Happens with a CONSTRUCTIVE Reason.
No Matter how Strange sudden things develop...
They ALWAYS Develop The “BEST” for ALL of US!

In a few minutes they bring me the English Magazine-version of my Win-Win-Vision according the Perfect Co(s)mic Plan of Life.
It will we in 'Broken English' but I can Live with that ;-)

If You are interested to receive a free Copy of it, You can e-mail to:

Wish You a Lot of FUN, TRUST and DO-Power on Your Journey in what we 'Once' TOGHETER Created!

Thanks for Sharing Your Wich!

Lots of Love and Big Smile

Gerda Maria Hendrickx
Smile Whisperer
Naam: Ingrid de Klerck
Datum: 22 mei, 21u49
Reactie: You shared it with the world now, I for one hope you wish will be granted, dear girl.

I am glad you accepted the invitation to write in this box of wishes, miracles do happen:)


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