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Kilele Naam: Kilele
Leeftijd: 45
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To have the school(Kilele Junior School) on our own property instead of renting a premises so that we can educate, feed and provide equal opportunity to children enrolled in our school despite their humble background
Naam: John
Datum: 6 november, 10u03
Reactie: Gerda you are such an inspiration. Your words of wisdom make me strong and give me reason to look forward to tomorrow. I am so revived in m faith. I feel a new person with strong a will.
Before Saskia came to Kenya and connected me to you and you later paying school fees for two children, I had given up hope of getting connected to people out there. Since the last four years, I have been writing proposals to different donors locally and abroad but all i get are always regrets. My soul got weaker and kept bleeding for the Kilele Children. I though no one appreciates what I do. But when we got connected, you continuous words of encouragement revived my hope. I am strong, I can see our property for our school, i even can see the school. I have a picture model of it.

The property I wish to get for the school is in east lands of Nairobi. land in Nairobi has become very expensive because real estate agents are buying and constructing houses They don't think about schools and children's play field.

Property enough for a school in the east-lands of Nairobi is 20 Million Kenya shillings.

There are about five very big and expansive pieces of land that if we had money, we can get a pies of it. This will be enough for a big modern school with play space and a

modern kitchen

I will keep smiling,I will kep shining and will always be positive because now know that somewhere out there keeps the fire inside me burning.

thank you for being a friend Gerda

Naam: Gerda Maria
Datum: 5 november, 12u24
Reactie: Dear Kenia Brothers & Sisters,
Dear John,
Dear father of the Kilele Children,

I wish You All the Luck of the World.

You know my way of Life is:
Be Happy & Trust!

So Yes!


Do not only feel Happiness & Trust but BE it (Be pure Love from the deepest of Yourself) and You shall/will receive sooner then You can imagine everything You ever asked for.

That's All we have to do to be provided the way we want to be provided.

I have a few questions.
Do You have a property in mind?
Did You see a specific location in Kenya?
How much does this location cost?

As You know,
I feel extremely close connected with Your project so I shall/will contact others for sponsoring.

Lots of Laugh & Love Energy for all of You.
So also for Saskia (Butterflysas of this wishbook) who's at the moment in Kenia with You because of her strong believe that all our wishes can come true.

May Laugh & Love Energy connect ánd bless us All in a way we hardly could believe in.

Thanks for lightening my/our Smile-Way wich is for me the shortest ánd most save & relaxing high-way to real experienced Paradise on Earth ;-)

Smile-Power we Believe in!

Gerda Maria


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